Saw a link to this article in the Telegraph posted at Thomas Crockers Avid blog, which I can recommend by the way.
The article deals with what is called open source movies. The concept is neat somehow, but I also wonder if you’re even talking movies when you take this to an extreme. The article only brushes at this area with mentioning “Imagine being able to download a version of a Hollywood movie which you could play around with – cutting scenes and creating alternative endings.” (, 10 april 2007) Bordering on semantics this is still relevant in the way we tell our story. The movie as a medium is framed in time and space, but the freecutting experience is not, not if the process of recutting is the salespitch for these movies. If the recutted version of the film was shown for friends and family, and maybe even saw it’s way to YouTube it would be a film indeed, but, probably, a pretty irrelevant one.

Regarding the process of making the film I welcome every new thought on the subject, and will follow the open source movement in filmmaking with interest. Hey, anything to get good stories told, right?