This is a post that says alot, without saying anything.

I’m in the middle of editing a short movie, some 10 minutes or so of interviews intertwined with shots from a stage play. I’m trying to use the facts that the sound and footage aren’t all that good all the time, and let the faults carry some of the story. This project is an attempt to tell the story through editing. If the result is any good I might publish it on YouTube, if not you’ll never here about it again.

We’re finally about to purchase After Effects. It will come to good use while we do digital effects on a film, in order for it to be truer to the original intentions. The film has already been sent to screening on Drömfabriken, without the special effects though.

On a completely different subject I stopped by the website for New York Minute Film Festival yesterday. I like the idea a lot, and might do a one minute film later on just for the hell of it.