Less time for editing than I thought this weekend. Spent time on theatre (student spex actually) and a role playing game, and spent a couple of hours cleaning up the work space (you can more or less see it soon).

I’ll say a few things about the student farse I saw. It was a cross breed between West Side Story and a western movie, with Maria, Billy – the kid, Jolly Jumper, Dolly Parton, Clint Eastwood, to mention a few of the characters. The plot was confusing at best, but it dawned on me pretty soon that this was a good thing, at least not a bad one. The show was absolutely inhibited in breaking the conventions in how a play should be performed. The actors constantly asked for dialog, the directer pointed out faults in the play while it was being performed, the set fell apart and was constantly repaired during the show. All this while the cast constantly delivered funny, or pretty funny, lines that was part of something not really resembling a good plot. This way of performing is all the more appropriate considering that Swedish student spex contains elements such as the audience demanding the actors to do scenes in other ways, and booing if a particular bad joke is told. I truly enjoyed the anarchistic nature of the show. I might ponder some more on the phenomenon further down the road.

The spex was fun, but as I said, I didn’t spend much time editing. And next week Thursday-Saturday I’ll be on The Dream Factory, organized byt the Swedish Film Institute. Need to work extra hard in the beginning of the week on my short to get it done anytime soon. There’s three plays I’ve got to edit after that. And I only got a couple of hours a day doing it. With a little bit of luck I’ll get some writing done on my recent script during the trip to Stockholm, though. The very first stages of pre-production is planned to begin in just a couple of weeks.