I’ve been thinking recently on trying to get a thesis done to earn a semester of literature science. Only problem is, well time for starters, but also to find a subject worth exploring. I think I might be on to something at last. The idea is to write about nothing, and no it has nothing to do with Seinfeld, at least to my knowledge so far. Rather about “closure”, the space between something being shown, that invites the audience, reader, participant to fill out the blanks. The other night I played throught the beginning of Fahrenheit on PC, and the cop is going to help an old lady, working on a diner, get home.

The problem is, that she’s not wearing any out doors clothing and its freezing outside. The game makers obviuosly didn’t want to animate her putting on a coat just to get her out of the scene, but the fact is that such a minor detail can ruin the immersion into the story. One way around this would be to leave enough space for the audience to fill in the blank. Make her go towards the door, then cut and just “show” us the sound of the door being shut. Since it is probable that she put on the coat, we don’t have to react to the fact that she didn’t. You don’t have to show everything, sometimes suggesting and leaving the texturing and rendering to the audience.