aristotle.png…truth can be found in sugar coated love songs no doubt.

Where does the story of Mortimer och Randolph Duke in Coming to America begin? The spectator needs to know the characters from Trading Places to appreciate the scene, or at least understand the dialog of the two homeless gentlemen when they receive the money from prince Akeem. And where does the story end? “We’re back!” indicates the beginning of something. And where did the story of the Dukes in Trading Places end? Surely not in Trading Places since they’re back in Coming to America.

Where does the story end in Eastern Promises and does it really happen on screen?

Where does the story in i Sofokles tragedy Oedipus the King begin and end?

What if George Lucas had never made Episode I-III?

When Aristotle wrote:

“A beginning is that which does not itself follow anything by causal necessity, but after which something naturally is or comes to be. An end, on the contrary, is that which itself naturally follows some other thing, either by necessity, or as a rule, but has nothing following it. A middle is that which follows something as some other thing follows it. A well constructed plot, therefore, must neither begin nor end at haphazard, but conform to these principles.”

…he surely couldn’t have meant that literally, right?

Maybe he really meant: “A beginning is where the writer chooses to begin, because if she begins earlier that which comes after will make less sense. An end, on the contrary, is where the writer chooses to end, because if she continue the thing in the middle will frankly make less sense. A middle is the most interesting thing the writer has to say at the moment, in the most interesting way she can say it.”

And since well constructed plots often can be quite uninteresting, maybe we would have been better off if Aristotle had written what he (might have) really meant to begin with.

So who do you think is right, Reg Presley or Aristotle?

Var börjar berättelsen om Mortimer och Randolph Duke i filmen Coming to America (1988)? Betraktaren förväntas känna till rollfigurerna Duke från filmen Trading Places (1983) för att uppskatta, eller åtminstone förstå uteliggarnas repliker i scenen där de får pengar av prinsen. Samtidigt har en invigd publik en god chans att bilda sig en uppfattning om var bröderna Dukes berättelse slutar, trots att det inte blev någon mer film om dem. Var börjar och slutar berättelsen i Sofokles tragedi Oedipus the King (ca 427 f.Kr.)?