The great book sorting was a commissioned live action roleplay performed at local libraries in Falun and Gävle 2010-2011.
The premise was that the society in Sweden (and the European Union at large) had become harsher, with increased surveillance, and limited freedom. For economic reasons, and more importantly out of security reasons the Swedish government decided to sort out most of the printed books from local libraries. The printed word had become a security risk and the fire service was given the task to burn all books in the libraries. The player acted as a member of a book circle, and each player character had different motifs for or against the current events.
The setting and story was aimed to spark discussion about current issues concerning integrity, freedom of thought and expression, surveillance and the war on terrorism, in the spirit of classical dystopian literature such as Fahrenheit 451, Kallocain, Player Piano, 1984, V for Vendetta and Brave New World. All of these books were off course labeled as disruptive by the Swedish government.


Teaser movie

“Nya lyckliga liv” (en. “New Blissful Life”) was a teaser movie I made to set the tone for the larp.